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Speciality Economic Informatics 

If you wish to be the succeeding manager, before you there will be the following questions:

- How to find the place in the market?
- How to prove to the creditors, what money they should give just you?
- How to transform the backward enterprise in advanced?
- How to use information technology in knowledge management?
- How to organize e-business?
- How to find and use information and telecommunication systems for your firm?

For a finding of the competent decisions of problems today the managers in the advanced countries use the special computer programs.

Speciality " Economical Informatics " means study of management, based on modern information technologies:
- System Analysis of social and economical processes;
- Decision Support Systems in Management;
- Business Processes Reengineering (BPR);
- Knowledge Management;
- E-Business;
- Business Office;
- Design and Exploitation of Information Systems;
- Telecommunication Systems.

These knowledge will help to you to ensure prosperity of the enterprise.

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