Head of the Department of Economic Informatics 

Boris A. Zhelezko

Date of birth: April 3, 1955.

Scientific degree, date of its reception: Ph.D., May 19, 1988.

Scientific rank, date of its assignment: docent, May 11, 1993.

E-mail: BorisZh@yandex.ru .

Office phone: (017) 209-88-45.

Personal web-page: http://sedok.narod.ru/s_files/belorussia.htm


Scientific biography 

He has ended the faculty of Applied Mathematics of Belorussian State University (BSU) at the department of Optimum Controlling Methods (1977). After ending of BSU was directed on work to the Institute of Electronics of Belorussian Academy of Sciences. From 1981 to 1985 studied at the graduate of this Institute without a separation from the work. In 1988 protected the dissertation and receipted scientific degree of candidate of engineering sciences at Elements and Devices of Computer Facilities and Control Systems speciality in Minsk Radioengineering Institute.

From 1977 to 1990 worked at the Institute of Electronics of Belorussian Academy of Sciences on the posts of trainee executor, younger scientific employee, scientific employee, senior scientific employee (manager of scientific group). Have passed all steps from the ordinary executor to the responsible executor of budget and contract scientific-research and experimental-constructing works.

From 1987 to 1990 worked at the department of Informatics and Computer Techniques of the Academy of Sciences as the teacher with pay by the work hour. In 1990 was elected on a vacancy of senior teacher, from 1991 to 1995 work at the docent post at this department.

Delivered following courses for post-graduates of the Academy of Sciences and for student of European humanitarian University, Belorussian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, Minsk Institute of Management:

"Bases of Mathematical Modeling";

"Bases of Informatics and Computer Techniques";

Base of Economic Informatics;

Applied Systems of Information Processing;

Contemporary Information Technologies;

New Information Technologies;

Information Maintenance of CAD-systems.

In 1995 became to work in Belorussian State Economic University (BSEU). Repeatedly took part in faculty and university contests of pedagogical skill and took prize-winning places. Lecture a number of general educational and special disciplines for the students of full-time and correspondence forms of studying, for the students of Higher School of Business Management, magisters and post-graduates: Computer Information Technologies (for the students of all specialities), New Information Technologies (for magisters), Bases of Information Degree (for post-graduates and competitors of scientific degrees), etc. Among the lectured disciplines there are a number of special courses: Bases of Automated Controlling Systems and Automated Work Places Projecting (for "Economic Cybernetics" speciality), Decision Support Systems (for "Economic Informatics specialization), etc.

Expert in the spheres of:

  • information technologies and systems of scientific research automation;

  • theory and practice of creation and efficiency increasing of adaptive developing information-analytical decision support systems (IA DSS) with combined intelligence (K-systems);

  • theory of IA DSS projecting and modeling;

  • corporate information systems and personal automated work places of specialists;

  • application of fuzzy seta in economics and finances;

  • forecasting in fuzzy statement.

He is the member of scientific problem council of dissertations examination of Mathematical and Tool Methods of Economics. PhD dissertation The Business Process Reengineering Tool Method on the Basis of the Information-Analytical Decision Support Systems of T. A. Ermakova was prepared under his guidance.

Scientific manager, responsible executor and direct developer of many fundamental and applied scientific-research works, including the works under orders of the Belorussian Republican Fund of Fundamental Researches (Intellectual Modeling in Management of Social-Economic Systems), Ministry of Education (Models and Methods of Qualitative Alternatives Analysis and Structurization in Decision Support Systems), BSEU (Information Technologies and Intellectual Tools for Business Process Modeling, Decision Making Models and Methods in Business Process Reengineering and Business Planning, Computer Technologies for Decision Making Support. A number of his elaborations are marked by a medal of Exhibition of National Economy Achievements (ENEA) USSR, by diplomas and deeds of various exhibitions and contests.

List of his scientific works includes more than 200 items. Among them are 6 monographs and brochures (including published in co-authorship with A. N. Morozevitch book Theory and Practice of Information-Analytical Decision Support Systems Construction, Minsk, 1999, 144 p.), 4 inventions, 9 registered in State Fund of Algorithms and Programs software products, 15 textbooks. 

During his work in BSEU 7 textbooks with circulation more than 20 thousands copies were published by him in co-authorship with other scientists (4 of these textbooks have the signature stamp of the Ministry of Education). Among these textbooks are the following publications:

Bases of Economic Informatics, Minsk, BSEU, 1998, 438 p.

Bases of Informatics, Minsk, 2003, 544 p.

Applied Informatics, Minsk, 2003, 355 p.

Business Process Reengineering, Minsk, Misanta, 2006, 216 p.




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